Glenn Schoen is CEO of Boardroom @ Crisis BV. He attained his professional experience in a number of verticals, notably law enforcement, academic research, consulting and management. He seeks to apply his skillsets in projects that enable practical client performance: actually making things work better. His core aim is to help clients attain a more effective risk control process.



Glenn Schoen regularly addresses national and international audiences on risk management issues. His 100+ speeches in 25+ countries have focused mainly on current threat and crisis trends and terrorism and security crisis drivers in particular. Most appearances are paid engagements, though he makes exceptions for select professional, corporate and civic audiences.



Glenn Schoen enjoys a varied career in crisis and security management that has ranged from operations and analysis to management and consulting. An American born and raised in the Netherlands, his Trans-Atlantic professional life has focused mainly on the practical understanding and mitigation of  risks and leveraging this knowledge for high performance levels.


Glenn Schoen regularly assists international the media in providing audiences context and clarity on significant security- and crisis related news developments. He has shared his insights in 1000+ interviews and is privileged to have done this for over 100 different media outlets worldwide, including TV, radio, newspapers and Internet broadcasts/podcasts.